Friday, January 26, 2018

Red Cloud Quilt

This strip quilt measures 42" x 63" and is made up of dozens of different fabrics.
It is not yet finished or quilted.

Triangle Quilt

This  37" square quilt is composed of cottons.  Made using the 'sew and fold-over' method rather than piecing the triangles directly together.

Inspired by a quilt I saw on Pinterest, the triangles remind me of skaters gliding by.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Denim Falling Stars

Denim Falling Stars was created from men's jeans, using creases for inspiration.  The stars are made from circles cut from japanese commercial fabric.   It is about 18" square. 

Japanese X Plus Quilt

Designing a Japanese X Plus quilt was a great deal of fun.  I found that almost any combo of materials seemed to 'work' for me.  It reminds me a bit of the designing possibilities of the a log cabin pattern.  It is about 50" square and made of cottons or cotton-linen combos and hand quilted.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Reflections #1

 I've taken photos of reflections in the water at a yacht nearby.   I've taken the photos and turning them around until they are not recognizable as 'reflections'.   This quilt is from a small bit of one of these photos.  Most of the fabrics are japanese cottons.  The finished quilt above is 50" x 35" approximately.  Detail below.

Memory Quilts

Over a year, I produced a square each month based on the same strong memory.  I put aside the  same fabrics each time and then pulled them out each month without looking at any of the previous months squares.   The idea was to see how the memory changed as months go by, apparently each time you take the memory out of storage and put it away again, the memory has been changed.

49th Parallel

The quilt shows the US Canada border between Alberta and Montana from a coloured satellite image.  At the time of the photo, the agricultural policies were so different in the two countries that you could see the effect from space.  Marginal land was more likely to be farmed in the US than in Canada due to government subsidies.