Sunday, February 2, 2014

Reflections #1

This is the quilt that I'm currently working on.  I've taken photos of reflections in the water at a yacht nearby where I work.  I've taken the photos and turning them around until they are not recognizable as 'reflections'.   This quilt is from a small bit of one of these photos.  Most of the fabrics are japanese cottons.  The finished size will be 50" x 35" approximately.

Memory Quilts

Over a year, I produced a square each month based on the same strong memory.  I put aside the  same fabrics each time and then pulled them out each month without looking at any of the previous months squares.   The idea was to see how the memory changed as months go by, apparently each time you take the memory out of storage and put it away again, the memory has been changed.

49th Parallel

The quilt shows the US Canada border between Alberta and Montana from a coloured satellite image.  At the time of the photo, the agricultural policies were so different in the two countries that you could see the effect from space.  Marginal land was more likely to be farmed in the US than in Canada due to government subsidies. 

DNA Quilt

This quilt was inspired by a photo of slices of  DNA.  I am fascinated by the new scientific discoveries, and I'm always on the look out for an image which would make a good quilt.  Often the end product doesn't look all that much like the original image.
The quilt image was used on the 'Old Tomorrow'  CD cover of a group called 'Morlove'.

Nuns' Quilt Update

After not posting for a long time, I saw one of my quilts on Pinterest and thought I might post something new.  
I finished two quilts inspired by the picture of nun's in a Quebec nunnery playing cards in a colourful recreational room.   There is a previous post of the squares before they were stitched together.   I had a lot of squares left over so I decided to make a second quilt.  In quilt #1, I see the nuns looking to heaven and in #2 they appear to be enclosed in the recreational room.  

Monday, February 14, 2011

A Borrowed Quilt

This pieced and incomplete quilt top is inspired by Japanese 'boro' textiles. These antique futon covers, bags, jackets and other garments would be considered rags by many Japanese because the pieces were so patched and worn. You can see examples as well as read the history at

Wax and Wane

This wall piece is not actually a quilt in the conventional sense. There is no layer of batting between the front and back. Instead there is a very thin layer of netting on the surface which holds the moons in place. All layers are held together with a simple zigzag stitch. This manner of making a 'quilt' is much faster, however it would not keep you warm. The photo shows only part of the quilt.

I love the background material, a very light weight batik probably from Africa. If anyone knows where I might purchase more please let me know.